Cybil + Evan: Episode 4

Let the Fun Begin

Cybil and Evan Dive into Design Selections

Welcome back to another episode of COCOON’s series: Transformations! Last episode, Cybil and Evan created their final floor plan for their forever home! Now, they are ready to move into the next stage of our remodeling reimagined experience, Stage 2: Design Selections! From floors and cabinets to light fixtures and paint, we help our customers choose the details that complement their vision. Here at COCOON, we like to call it “picking the fun stuff!” It’s all about making our customers feel uplifted, inspired, and joyful in their own homes, and after all, remodeling is supposed to be fun! But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we first have to figure out Cybil and Evan’s design style! Check out the video below as our Sr. Interior Designer Anna guides them through Stage 2!


Finding Your Style

In the world of design, there are infinite choices of materials and various different design styles to choose from. We always ask our customers to send us some inspiration for their space. Maybe you took hundreds of pictures of the cute Airbnb you were staying at on vacation or you have that Pinterest board named “dream home” that you have been curating for years, – well now is it’s time to shine! If you’re looking to create an inspiration board for your next home remodel and don’t know where to start, check out our blog post here! In order to help Cybil and Evan narrow down their design selections, Interior Designer Anna started by getting to know their style!

Cybil and Evan’s Design Style

When Anna began learning more about Cybil and Evan’s design style, Cybil brought up a new design aesthetic that Anna hadn’t really thought of before! Cybil called it, “modern organic, organic modern.” This style emerged from Cybil’s vision for some natural elements, but also really clean lines in her space, something modern but not too sterile.

You may wonder what this design style could potentially look like? Well, this kitchen remodel for our customers in Hockessin DE, incorporated both modern elements with the clean lines and flat-panel door style as well as organic elements including the natural stone backsplash and light wood cabinets.

Creating the Mood Board

Anna took Cybil and Evan’s modern organic design style and began compiling different materials that would bring their vision to life! For the modern elements of the design, Anna chose a flat panel door style and a waterfall edge countertop. For the more organic materials, she chose warm woods, handmade tile with some rough edges, and a natural stone countertop. Once Anna presented her vision of modern organic for Cybil and Evan’s new kitchen and living space they said, “…she nailed the kind of style we were looking for, stylistically, she got us very early on and gave us really good choices to pick from.”

The Search Begins

Now that Anna’s mood board had been created and some samples were pulled, it’s time to hunt down these materials! Keep an eye out for next week’s video as Anna, Cybil, and Evan, search for the perfect countertop style and for a sneak peek of their fully rendered 3D model.

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