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Kevin & Kelsey

Why should you choose COCOON?

Kevin & Kelsey’s unfinished basement was a big open area that lacked organization, and it was no longer suiting their growing family. After understanding their goals and vision, COCOON helped them transform their basement into a multi-use space for children and adults.

Putting in the work

“Our wonderful designer said this to me one day,

‘I don’t want you to just pick something. We need to keep looking until it excites you. I want to see it in your eyes.’

I think that statement really reflects a lot of what COCOON embodies. They are willing to do the hard work to get to know their customer and partner with them to make the remodeling process yield amazing results, all while making it enjoyable.”

–Stefanie from West Chester, PA 


Amanda Jeane & Davis

Amanda Jeane & Davis lived in their home for 1 year before they decided to remodel. The kitchen was small and outdated, and the bathroom felt like it belonged to someone else. COCOON helped them explore their options for the future and guided them through the remodeling process.

Anthony & Meghan

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