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To move or remodel? A very common question, but not an easy question to answer. At COCOON, we know your house is much more than brick and stone, wood, and four walls. It’s a home. A place where you create your most important memories—and a place you rethink and refresh as you make it your own.

Transformations: Season 2

Follow along as homeowners Martha + Colin transform their beloved house in Media, PA into a home that will suit their growing family for years to come.

Martha + Colin: Episode 1

Homeowners Martha + Colin love their house in Media, PA. Rather than uprooting their family, they decided to create the space they needed. Watch as Martha + Colin begin their Transformation journey and explore options for their homes layout. Which floorplan will they choose?!

Martha + Colin: Episode 2

In the previous episode, Martha + Colin threw us a bit of a curveball; but after some further exploration, they finally discovered the floorplan that their home needed. Watch as they choose all the finishes for their Master Suite Addition and see it fully realized in Construction!

Martha + Colin: Episode 3

It was love at first sight when Martha + Colin stepped into their home 10 years ago. Watch as they fall in love with their home all over again, and dream about all the possibilities the future now holds after their Transformation!

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