Cybil + Evan: Episode 7

From Demo to Design

Unveiling the Stunning Progress!

Welcome back to another episode of COCOON’s series: Transformations! Last episode, Dan rolled up his sleeves and dove into demo! With this blank slate, the Production Team can begin rebuilding the space from the ground up – literally!

The next step in this remodeling journey is to install the design finishes that Cybil and Evan chose during Stage 2. Check out the video below as everything from the hardwoods to the countertops get installed as their reimagined space begins to come to life!

The Installation of Cybil and Evan’s Design Finishes

What is so exciting about the final stages of production, is getting to see everything finally come together! Something interesting about this stage is the unique installation of these various finishes. From the type of tile to the edge on the countertops, it’s all about the little details!

Hardwood Restoration

Cybil and Evan already had beautiful hardwood floors! However, through the process of creating a more open floor plan and removing walls, there were some spots that need to be filled in with new hardwood. This requires a unique process called “toothing in,” where you add new hardwood flooring to the existing so that it creates one consistent floor. For this project, Cybil and Evan wanted to go with a lighter hardwood finish than they already had. With Anna’s guidance, they decided to use a stain in the color Cornsilk on the existing red oak with a matte sheen. This coating allowed for the original red stain to be drawn out of the original oak flooring, creating a whiter finish on the new hardwood.

Two-Toned Cabinetry

Now that Cybil and Evan’s hardwood floors are complete, Dan and the team can work on installing the cabinetry. Installing cabinetry takes real craftsmanship and is kind of like putting together building blocks. As the cabinetry begins to go in, you can see Cybil and Evan’s cool modern design. The top cabinetry is black with a flat panel door style and the bottom is a natural wood. The finishing touch on this cabinetry is the minimalist matte black hardware that ties everything together!

Waterfall Countertops

Up next are the countertops, one of our favorite elements of this kitchen remodel! Not only did Cybil and Evan chose a beautiful Infinity Blue Quartzite countertop but they added the stunning element of a waterfall design on the peninsula. Where typical countertops sit only on top of the cabinets, a waterfall countertop cascades over the side of the cabinets, adding a touch of boldness to any kitchen and is just visually stunning if you’re asking us!

A Modern Tile Pattern

Last, but certainly not least, is the installation of the backsplash! For the kitchen backsplash, Cybil and Evan chose a beautiful Cloe Ceramic Tile in white. What makes this tile even more unique in their kitchen is their choice to install it in a square stack pattern. This pattern creates a more modern focal point while also complimenting the more natural elements in the space.

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For…

All the finishes are in and the project is complete. This can only mean one thing… Check in next week for our last and final episode of TRANSFORMATIONS where we reveal Cybil and Evan’s newly reimagined home! Who’s ready? Check out a sneak peek here!

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