Design Selections

From floors and cabinets to light fixtures and paint, we help you choose the details that complement your vision. You will be guided you through the selection process simply and seamlessly, combining your style with our expertise as designers. It’s all about making you feel uplifted, inspired, and joyful in your own home – after all, remodeling is supposed to be fun!

The Bigger Picture

Our Interior Designers will work with you to optimize the flow of your space by ensuring that every cabinet and appliance is in the right place. For example, have you ever heard of “the golden triangle”? (Not the one in Southeast Asia.) In the kitchen, “the golden triangle” is the shape your sink, refrigerator, and stove should make on your floor plan to increase functionality.

Picking the Fun Stuff!

When it comes to design, everyone’s taste is different. We want your home to reflect your style, so we like to start with some inspiration – whip out that Pinterest board and show us your favorite pins! Our designers are here to help you make those design dreams come true, while also helping you stay within your budget. Our Interior Designers will guide you through every selection (even the ones you never thought of!) and will cover every detail so you don’t have to stress or feel overwhelmed.

The Virtual Reality Tour

Once you and your Interior Designer have selected the major design finishes (countertops, cabinets, paint colors, and tile) they will plug them into our supercomputers and get to work rendering your 3D floor plan. This is the moment all of your decisions are compiled into one image, revealing how everything you chose will work in your space. You can even try on virtual reality goggles and look into the future…of your home!

Once you have chosen the perfect floor plan, and selected all of your design finishes, you have the opportunity to decide if you would like to move forward into Stage 3: Construction.

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