Reimagined 3-Stage Home Remodeling Experience

We reimagined remodeling by creating a 3-stage experience that’s both simple and personal.

Reimagine Your Home

We want to emphasize the importance of this moment in our customers’ lives—and our duty to them as we guide them through their transformation. We put in the extra effort, so every customer’s experience is more convenient. We do everything possible to anticipate needs, eliminate barriers, and bring customers into the process—and into the joy of reimagining their space.

Exploring which layout makes sense.

Once we understand your goals and budget, the COCOON Architectural Design team will develop a series of 3 potential layouts for your remodeled space. These layouts represent 3 different price points. With your budget in mind, we’ll show you a range of what’s possible in your space. 


Picking the fun stuff!

From the right color flooring and cabinetry details to the finish of the paint and the temperature of the lights, COCOON’s Interior Designers help you choose the finishes that complement your vision. You can start to see how your curated selections become reality with COCOON’s 3D modeling technology! 


Bringing your vision to life.

We’ll notify the neighbors, pull the permits, and schedule every detail so you won’t lose sleep wondering what’s next. We’re prompt, we’re precise, and we’re always here to answer your questions and anticipate your family’s needs. So pat yourself on the back and watch your new space take shape! 


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