Space Planning

We believe that with a little imagination—and the right team of experts—you can have the home of your dreams. At COCOON, we put our hearts into every home remodel because we know this isn’t just about laying foundations and knocking down walls. It’s about seeing possibility in the places other people might overlook. Once we understand your goals and budget, our Architectural Designers will work with you to develop a series of 3 potential layouts for your upgraded space.

It all begins with a survey…

After getting to know you and talking through the problems you’re facing in your space, our team will conduct an Architectural Survey. During this survey, one of our designers will visit your home to take measurements and look for potential obstacles, such as load-bearing walls, plumbing, and HVAC that may affect the overall design and cost of your project. This survey will allow us to create floor plans of your existing home and begin planning your new space!


3 Layouts, 3 Price Points

Once our design team has the necessary measurements of your home, they will begin to draw your existing floor plan and 3 other potential layouts. These layouts will represent 3 different approaches to your project, showing you a range of what’s possible in your home. For example, the first layout may illustrate what is possible within your existing floor plan. The second layout might show you how we could add more square footage to your space by knocking down a wall. The third potential layout may help you understand how an addition can maximize the flow and function of your space.

All 3 of these layouts will be based on multiple factors, like your initial conversations with our Project Advisors, your budget, and your townships building codes.

Choosing the perfect floor plan!

This is where it gets exciting! Next, you will meet with your Project Advisor to review the 3 possible layouts. Our team is here to help guide you towards the option that balances your family’s needs and your budget.

Once you have selected the perfect floor plan, you have the opportunity to decide if you would like to move forward into Stage 2: Design Selections.

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