The History of COCOON


The Rise of the Suburbs

In the aftermath of World War II, a surge in birth rates resulted in a significant scarcity of housing, leaving numerous families in a desperate search for adequate dwellings. For many of these families, the Levittowns in Long Island, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania offered a much-needed solution. The Levitts introduced a groundbreaking approach to community development, revolutionizing the construction process. They implemented a systematic division of each home’s construction into twenty-seven distinct steps, commencing with the laying of a concrete foundation.


HGTV Premieres

Kenneth W. Lowe, a radio executive, envisioned the concept of HGTV in 1992. At the time, the only home-focused TV program was This Old House. But Lowe was convinced a home-dedicated cable network would connect with viewers. In December 1994, HGTV went live reaching 6.5 million homes in 44 markets. “Home building [and] home design was this deep, dark mystery. People just didn’t understand it, and a lot of what HGTV has done is educate the public,” Lowe said.


Frank Lloyd Wright

If you ask the average citizen to name a famous American architect the chances are good that their answer will be Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright’s prominent status in our culture is well-deserved, given his transformative impact on the construction and lifestyle industry. With an impressive portfolio of 1,114 architectural creations, out of which 532 were successfully brought to life, he revolutionized the American landscape by crafting exceptionally inventive spaces.


The Father of CAD

Ivan Sutherland, an American computer scientist, wrote a program called Sketchpad allowing a computer to “read” architectural drawings. This invention brought its creator two prestigious awards, and today he is considered the father of all CAD programs used by modern 3D artists.


West Chester Design Build

After much planning and prayer, Chris and Angela Payson felt called to serve their community, one remodeling project at a time. Working out of their living room, they launched West Chester Design Build in 2007.


COCOON Emerges

The name West Chester Design Build served us well for more than a dozen years; but we felt like we were being called to a greater purpose, and the name was no longer reflecting the true heart of our company. We wanted our new name to touch on our unique 3-stage process, positive transformation, and the importance of home. After many late-night conversations between Chris and Angela, they finally found that word and fell in love with it: COCOON.


Chris & Angela

After serving in the military, Chris returned to Delaware County where he met his now wife Angela at a Church Group. They were engaged in Everhart Park in West Chester, PA on the iconic Horrace Pippin Red Bench and married in May of 2003.


A Fixer Upper

10 years and many homes later, the Payson’s began to dream of a space where they could better serve their customers. Following this dream led the Payson’s to purchasing an old barn on West Chester Pike. For decades, this unassuming building sat on Route 3 in disrepair. Now, it is the home of the COCOON Design Studio.


15 Years

Most recently, we celebrated 15 years in business! We’ve learned a lot along the way, and while some things have changed, one thing hasn’t – our dedication to providing a world-class customer experience. Even 15 years in, we still think “we’re just getting started!” Follow along with our story on Social Media to see what the future has in store…

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