Introducing COCOON

People First

Since 2007 West Chester Design Build has remodeled hundreds of homes with a simple approach to home remodeling: put people first. We always dreamed of simplifying the remodeling experience. From the start, we consistently improved our processes. By doing so, we could easily collaborate with our team, and our customers could experience the joy of remodeling their homes.

This approach has helped us win over hundreds of happy customers and expand our talented team. Once a husband and wife working out of a living room, we are now 20-people strong and have outgrown our first office.

Our growth would not have been possible without our talented team. Now, after two years of renovations, we are thrilled to be able to bring everyone together, under one roof. Our new location at 1150 West Chester Pike accommodates all of our hard-working team.

It also houses a new design studio. We can’t wait to invite customers into the design studio to see and feel all the elements of their reimagined homes, and to really enjoy the home remodeling process.

Together Under One Roof

This new location is the realization of our dream. It’s a key part of simplifying the remodeling process. Our team and customers can come together in one place. Even better, this expansive space gives us room to spread our wings and reimagine our place in the community. Here, we hope to bring our team, customers, and neighbors together. We hope that whoever enters this space feels the same way they do at home—welcomed and loved.

A new office and design studio is only the first step toward our future, however. As our team grew and the need for a new office became apparent, we also realized we needed to rethink our name. West Chester Design Build described what we did and where we worked.

The name West Chester Design Build served our team well for a while, but we needed a name that represented who we are and what we really do. As remodelers, we transform homes, but our goal is greater than that. Our goal is to positively transform our customers’ lives, to make houses into homes. Now, we strive for that goal as COCOON.

Inside a cocoon, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Inside houses, we reimagine old walls and transform unremarkable rooms into inspired spaces. A cocoon is the start of something new. As COCOON, we will continue to help our neighbors breathe new life into their homes.

We have a new space. We have a new name. A lot has changed, but our commitment to people hasn’t. We will continue to build relationships with our customers, listening to their needs, offering quality service, and providing enduring craftsmanship. We will always recreate spaces to simplify the business of daily life, and, most importantly, to bring friends and family together.

Thank you to all of our customers for sharing your homes with us. Thank you to our team for helping us grow. To our future customers, it’s nice to meet you. We’re COCOON. We can’t wait to reimagine your homes and transform your lives.

Reimagine Your Home

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