What is Remodeling Reimagined?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re remodeling a space. Budget, space, style, and timelines, just to name a few things. That’s why we simplified remodeling by creating a 3-stage process. We call it Reimagine. At each stage, we do everything possible to anticipate needs, eliminate barriers, and bring you into the process—and into the joy of reimagining your space.

Stage 1: Space Planning

First, we explore what layout makes sense for you and your family. We start by listening to what you want and why. To your dreams of a family game room. To your need for extra bedrooms. As we plan your space, we work with you to understand the reasons behind your remodel.

We want to understand how you use your space, what you find challenging, and what changes would make your daily life easier and more enjoyable. Whether you need a more open layout, more room, or just a better flow, we work with you to create a remodeled space tailored to you.

Once we understand your goals and budget, our architectural designers develop a series of three potential layouts for your remodeled space. These layouts represent three different price points within your budget, showing you a range of what’s possible in your home. These plans are just the start of bringing your vision to life.

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Stage 2: Design Selections

If you have an inspiration board with your favorite designs, you get to use it at this stage. That also means you must start narrowing down your selections. But you don’t have to worry that there’s so many choices and so little time. We’re here to make the selections stage easy and exciting!

Our interior designers guide you through this process. We offer options that reflect your style, stand up to the demands of daily life, and, of course, meet your budget. From floors and cabinets to light fixtures and paint, we help you choose the details that complement your vision.

We then incorporate all of your selections into a virtual floor plan. With virtual reality technology, you can “walk through” your new remodeled space and make any changes before we start construction.

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Stage 3: Construction

Finally, we make your dream a reality. We notify the neighbors, pull the permits, and schedule every detail so you never have to wonder what’s next. From the start of your remodel, we protect and care for your home as we would our own. Before construction begins, we prep your home with surface and floor protection as well as dust barriers. At the end of each day, we sweep up, pick up and wipe down. We know living in a construction zone can be challenging, so we strive to make it easier.

For all of its challenges, construction is also exciting. We know you want to follow the progress of your project and ensure that everything is going according to plan. To keep you up to speed, we share daily pictures and notes. We’re always here to answer your questions and anticipate your family’s needs. We construct your new space while respecting your busy life.

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With You from Start to Finish

Remodeling a space is a big deal, so we treat it that way. For us, it’s not just about projects. It’s about people. It’s about walking alongside you as we plan, design, and construct your new space. It’s about using our skills as designers, builders, and project managers to guide you through the home remodeling process simply and seamlessly. It’s about making you feel uplifted, inspired, and joyful in your own home. It’s remodeling, reimagined.

Reimagine Your Home

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