Our Story

Maybe you have dreams of creating extra living space. Or visions of a bigger, brighter kitchen. We all believe that with a little imagination—and the right team of experts—we can have the home of our dreams. But let’s face it, the remodeling experience can be stressful. You wonder if your project will be done on time, if your budget is enough, if this disruption to your daily life will be worth it.

We know you have a lot on your mind when it comes to remodeling. That’s why we’re on a mission to reimagine the remodeling experience – making remodeling easy and exciting.

Our Mission

Our mission has its roots in owner Chris Payson’s childhood. Ever since he followed his dad, a building contractor, on trips to the lumber yard and sat next to him while he planned his day’s work, Chris has had a passion for building.

He followed that passion and desire to serve to the Air Force. After graduating with top honors from the Naval Construction Training Center, he specialized in structural systems for engineering squadrons.

Following his military service, he continued to hone his craft as he worked for Philadelphia-area builders. In 2007, he and his wife Angela, whom he met at a local church, set out to serve their neighbors, one remodeling project at a time. Working out of their living room, they launched West Chester Design Build, now COCOON.

When the market crashed in late 2008, it hit the housing marketing hard. It hit the Payson’s hard too. Although their fledgling business lost clients left and right, Chris and Angela used it as an opportunity to refine their business and find new ways to connect with customers. And that’s what Chris, Angela, and the COCOON team have done ever since—refine the home remodeling process and connect with homeowners.

Our Process

In doing so, we’ve learned a few things about home remodeling.

We know that a clear process makes anything possible. That’s why we prioritize our process and make every step of home remodeling approachable and authentic. From design to construction, our team of designers, builders, and project managers help you navigate the remodeling experience. We want the process to be simple, seamless, and enjoyable.

With a process like that, we can do anything. And when we say anything, we mean anything. Ugly kitchens. Outdated layouts. We’ve seen it all—and we’ve transformed it all, too. We know that every home has potential. We see possibilities where others see problems and we want to give families the homes, basements, and additions they’ve always dreamed of.

Our Heart

But why do we take on these challenges? We believe you deserve to love where you live. We put our hearts into every home remodel because we know this isn’t just about laying foundations and knocking down walls. It’s about creating a space that reflects your family, your life, and the memories you make every day. We want to positively transform your home and your life.

For us, remodeling is not just a transaction. It’s a time of transformation and possibility. That’s why we build relationships. We listen to your dreams for your home, share ideas, answer any questions you can think of, and guide you through your remodeling experience. We’re in this together.

With COCOON, remodeling is reimagined. We make it easy and exciting. After all, we want you to enjoy it.

Reimagine Your Home

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