Cybil + Evan: Episode 5

Hunting for the Perfect Countertops

Cybil and Evan’s Design Journey

Welcome back to another episode of COCOON’s series: Transformations! Last episode, Cybil and Evan began the next stage of our remodeling experience, Stage 2: Design Selections with our Sr. Interior Designer Anna! After learning more about their design style, Anna worked with Cybil and Evan to create their final mood board and prepared to hunt down the perfect materials for their kitchen and living space renovation!

Now, there’s only one missing piece left to this puzzle and that’s the countertops! Once they find the perfect countertop for their space, Anna can present Cybil and Evan with the 3D model of their remodeled space. Check out the video below as Anna guides them through the stone yard, and takes them on a tour of their new virtual space!

The Search for The Perfect Countertop

When choosing a type of material for your countertop, all of the options can be overwhelming. For Cybil and Evan and their young busy family, they did not want a countertop that would require a lot of maintenance or damage easily. Because marble has the potential to stain and etch, Anna steered them in the direction of choosing Quartzite! With natural charm and durability, it didn’t take long for Cybil and Evan to choose one very unique slab of Infinity Blue Quartzite for their kitchen countertops. As Anna said, “You can’t beat mother nature!”

If you too are looking into different countertop options, but are lost with where to start, the chart below can better help you decide if granite, soapstone, marble, or quartzite is right for you and your family!

The Wait is Finally Over

At COCOON we want our customers to be able to experience the combination of their chosen floor plan with their chosen selections, and therefore we provide them with a rendered 3D model of their space. This is the moment all of your decisions are compiled into one image, revealing how everything you chose will work in your space. For the past month, Anna has been implementing their selections to give them an accurate representation of what their final space will look like at the end of our process! Evan recalls, “We spent a lot of hours and time putting it all together. We’re really interested to see how it’s all going to tie together with the countertops and the color choices and everything!”



Stage 3

Where Dreams Become Reality

With Stage 1 and Stage 2 completed, it’s time for Anna to order materials and pass the torch (or the plans) on to Stage 3. Next, our production team will bring Cybil and Evan’s vision to life! Check-in next week as our Project Manager Dan rolls up his sleeves and dives into some demo!

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