Cybil + Evan: Episode 6

Demo Day Dilemmas

Dan’s Journey Begins

Welcome back to another episode of COCOON’s series: Transformations! Last episode, Cybil and Evan chose the final piece to their puzzle, the countertops! With all of their design finishes selected, Anna was able to present Cybil and Evan with the final 3D model of their reimagined space. Now it’s time for Anna to order materials and pass the torch (or the plans) on to Stage 3: Construction.

Check out the video below as Project Manager Dan encounters some potential problems before he rolls up his sleeves and dives into demo!

Assessing the Situation

One of the most exciting aspects of being a Project Manager is getting to take the creative designs from Stage 1, and Stage 2, and building them into reality! One of the least exciting parts is when we start opening up the walls of a home and find an issue. In Cybil and Evan’s case, they were lucky! Dan, and our structural engineer, investigated the home’s original structure and discovered they were not going to have to deal with a load-bearing wall. With that settled, it’s time to bang out (no pun intended) the demolition!


Who doesn’t love #DemoDay!? Well, to some people demolition may look like a mess. For our Project Managers though, it allows them to get a sense of how the new floor plan will come together and how the new layout will define the space. Plus, it’s kinda fun! Once everything has been stripped down to the bones, we can begin to rebuild the space from the ground up – literally! But, you will have to wait until next week to watch Cybil and Evan’s gorgeous finishes be installed…

From a Vision to Reality

With a blank slate to work with, Dan and the team can now begin bringing Cybil and Evan’s floor plan to life. Next week is where the real magic begins!

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