Martha & Colin: Episode 3

A Warm Place for Everybody to Land.

Martha and Colin stepped into this house ten years ago. It was the only house they looked at! They knew at first glance that it was the home for them – a place where they could have children and make family memories for a lifetime. Also, they wanted to be hospitable and recognized a home where they might host holidays, sleepovers, birthdays, and dinner parties with friends. A decade has passed, and these dreams have come true. Martha’s parents are a short walk away;there’s lots of space for frisbees, rope swings, and games of fetch with Mochi! Their girls, Gemma and Ruby, can help with the garden or play and pretend in the yard. And….there is big news! A new baby boy is on the way! Before we know it, he’ll be climbing trees and having a catch.

These are just some of the reasons that brought them to us at COCOON with such a clear picture of what they wanted: a larger space to grow with their family and a spa-like retreat where they could unwind at the end of each day. So, together, we moved through our 3-Stage Process.

First, we explored layout designs and found one that made sense with their goals and budget. Lisa developed three potential layouts, offering a trio of approaches to their project – seeking the possibilities hidden in the property. Martha and Colin landed on the perfect design – until we took an unexpected detour, moving the addition to the other side of the house! Unforeseen? Yes. Satisfying? Totally.

Next, they picked out their favorite styles. Captivating tile, wide plank flooring, colors, and fixtures that made it their own. All the details complemented their vision, and Martha and Colin got their first view (albeit through virtual reality goggles) of how these decisions would become their reality.

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Finally, the construction began, and the couple watched their new space take shape. COCOON took care of everything from permits to bulldozers to neighbors. While not exactly relaxing, Colin and Martha never had to worry or question what would happen next. Jon, their project manager, handled all the details. They only had to enjoy the process.

That is precisely what happened. They enjoyed the view as the house they fell in love with ten years ago expanded and grew to meet their future dreams… and their new baby, Jett.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to love it, too.

As you can see, the remodel has changed the way their family does life. So we asked for some of the highlights…

The kids love the spacious new dining table. Maybe not just for eating, but definitely for a place to gather and do art projects. Lots of space for coloring books and paint pots and pom-poms. They are all making messes together and loving every minute of it.

The new pantry is another winner. It has plenty of shelves up top for essential appliances like pizzelle makers and cake-pop ovens. Things are no longer crammed and stacked in overloaded cabinets that can’t be reached! Down low are baskets of kid-friendly snacks like fish-shaped crackers and veggie straws. (Ok, so Colin likes these, too. No judgment.) Martha loves that the kitchen and flow of life are calmer—no more hassles.



The garden foyer, better known as the mud room, is a gold medalist for sure. This area has made life so much easier. The family has a designated space for bookbags, rain boots, jackets, bird nests, and chewy toys. Not to mention the containment zone for the laundry. Nowadays, no one hates on the piles of dirty uniforms or trips over laundry baskets – it’s a thing of the past. That’s a good thing! A dreamy, faraway look came over Colin’s face, “Yeah, we just have it in one space; that’s where it’s supposed to go – a big quality of life change.”

While Colin has a new soft spot for the all-things-laundry room, Martha is simply enchanted with the new bathroom. Hands down, this is her new favorite space. It is precisely the spa-vibe retreat she hoped for. It is her private getaway, right at home. When the kids go to bed, she heads for the bath to relax in the soothing zen atmosphere. Morning or night – it’s her peaceful hideaway. The trouble for Martha is that her girls feel the same way! They love to lay on the floor and read or soak in the big tub with quiet music. She laughs and shuffles them right out.


It was ultra-special for everyone to see the addition to Martha and Colin’s home run parallel with the addition to their family. They were super excited about number three! He didn’t know it, but the new baby boy arrived just in time to enjoy all the upgrades! Martha and Colin built a foundation of memories in this house as a couple first, then with their daughters, and now they get to create new memories in their new space with their new son. The addition was a game changer for their expanding family. We know they will be more comfortable with the extra space for a larger family; now, it’s a place where they can stay for a long, long time.

Our team watched the sun filter through the trees as they wrapped things up at Martha and Colin’s place. For the COCOON team, it’s been a pleasure to get up every morning and head to work at their Media home with the kids in the yard and the pup dashing around. It’s a beautiful place and a beautiful family. Good teamwork, all around.

At COCOON, we put our hearts into every home remodel. We know it’s not just about pulling up old flooring, laying block foundations, or even stunning finishing touches. It’s about seeing the possibility for transformation. Martha said,

“It has just been an incredible journey. It’s beyond what we could have dreamed or done by ourselves. It blows us away.”

We’re glad you feel that way. We know you appreciate the walls, windows, roof lines, and lovely finishes that make up a house, but you also value the life that is lived within that space.

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