Vinnie & Lauren

A Beautiful and Seamless Kitchen Remodel

Vinnie and Lauren bought Vinnie’s childhood home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for their growing young family. The kitchen of this home was a special part of Vinnie’s life. It was the place where he ate snacks after school and his family cooked Thanksgiving dinners together. Vinnie and Lauren wanted to take this special space and remodel it to accommodate their family’s needs and make new memories together.

For the kitchen remodel to succeed, the couple needed a team to manage the process, guide them effortlessly and create a design that would stand the test of time.

Their Home Remodel Begins

Vinnie and Lauren chose COCOON to help guide them through the remodeling process and choose the best kitchen for their family. With COCOON’s 3-stage process, the couple was able to achieve a space they love.

Stage 1

Space Planning

Vinnie’s childhood home had a wall between the kitchen and dining room. The couple wanted to see an interior design option where the wall was removed but also explore floor plans that worked more within the existing footprint.

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When describing the space planning process, Vinnie says, “It was eye-opening to see the different floor plans, taking a new concept of homes and putting it into an older home.” The design still kept the home’s character but made it fit their lifestyle.

Design Selections

It was important to Lauren and Vinnie to have a partner who would stand alongside them and offer guidance. Lauren says, “I am not an interior designer. I really wanted to make sure that we had someone we could trust to guide us so that 10 years from now, we’re not looking around the kitchen and saying yeah, that looks dated, I don’t like that anymore.”

The couple introduced broad ideas to the COCOON interior design team. The team provided samples, and Vinnie and Lauren selected the final design for their remodel. Ultimately, they love how the kitchen design elements complement each other and the rest of the house.

Stage 3


Vinnie remembers the construction phase as very seamless. Also, the COCOON team has a family-oriented attitude toward remodels. Lauren recalls, “Our son’s a big construction guy, so he came running out with his little toys and his little hammers, and he was really excited to see it all get started.”

The couple felt the dedicated project manager was invaluable during the remodeling phase. The project manager served as the couple’s eyes and ears, shooting a text, giving a call and updating the COCOON app daily so that they always knew what was happening. Vinnie and Lauren felt comfortable leaving their house to the COCOON team, which gave them the freedom to leave the house during construction.

Home Remodeling Services Simplified

Finding a partner that makes home renovations seamless and easy, even with a toddler, made a huge impact. “Working with COCOON made it super easy from start to finish,” Lauren said. “I would say anyone considering a renovation project — if we can do it with a toddler — I think anyone can do it.”

Lauren and Vinnie love their big, beautiful kitchen, which now plays an even greater part in their daily lives. You can explore the full gallery of their kitchen remodel to see the finished results.

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