Happy Mother’s Day

The Foundation of Home

There is something we all love about admiring newly remodeled spaces in the home. The beauty of new finishes and fixtures catches our eye, and we fill our Pinterest boards daydreaming about our own space!

Not often do we think about the very necessary structure that supports this space. The foundation on which the whole home rests, or the load-bearing beam that supports the weight of the house. These components are largely ‘unseen’, but they go on day after day holding the weight of the home up so that these beautiful new spaces are possible.

Moms – we can sometimes feel unseen and wonder if what we are doing in the day in and day out makes any kind of difference. We are aware of the many non-glamorous components of motherhood and wonder if anyone really notices.

We question our own strength because there are many days it feels small to nonexistent, and worry we have none left to give.

But take heart – you are STRONG. Like the foundation of a home, you were built to withstand the weight of life within, and shield against the storms of outside. From the babies being rocked late at night to the grown children making their own way in the world, to other people that aren’t your birth children but that you have invested in over the years – they all rise up and shine bright because of a mother’s selfless, steady love.

Spaces within the home never outgrow their need for support, and they also know that support doesn’t have to be fancy, because it in itself is enough. You are enough! Happy Mother’s Day Moms – we see you and we cheer you on, because you are both the visual beauty and the strength of home. You aren’t just a part of home – you EQUAL home.

Love, Angela


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