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Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day and wanted to inspire you! For some, the colors pink and red aren’t the first choices when choosing tile or cabinetry, but why not? From the bathroom to the kitchen, and the bedroom, we have curated photos of some amazing designs that could inspire you to choose pink or red next time you remodel your space!

Why pink and red in your home? Pink is gentle and soothing, pink promotes tenderness and is a comfort in times of emotional transition. You can use accents of pink in a room when you are trying to increase receptivity and understanding. As for red, it is a stimulant, promoting courage and fearlessness. Red can be used in a space when you want to increase self-confidence.

We hope these pops of color, inspire you during your next home remodel or even refresh!



A Bright Red Bathroom

Project by Duet Design

Who wouldn’t love their own built-in make up station in the bathroom to get ready at every morning? With the pop of red on the cabinetry accompanied by gold accent pulls it’s the perfect place to put on a red lip and hit the town. Not to mention this fur chair is fit for a queen or a king.

Blush is the New Pink

Project by @mjstc_sg

This bathroom is something from our wildest dreams! From the pink to blush tones to the scallop shape, this tile accent wall is perfection. This bathroom could be inspiration for anything from a powder room to a master bathroom.

Pretty In Pink

Project by @mindygayerdesign

Don’t get us wrong we love a bright pink and a deep red, but blush is also stunning! Cabinetry is often a fun way to add a pop of color in a space and adds character. With the brass and gold hardware accents and the detailing at the footing, this space couldn’t be more pretty in pink.

Pink Starburst

Project By @andthentheywentwild

From the free-standing tub next to the fireplace, to this starburst design light pink tile, this bathroom goes above and beyond. Many of us focus on tile on the walls of a bathroom, but tile on the floor of a bathroom is another great way to incorporate a pop of color, or even a way to incorporate a bold design.

A Modern Kind of Love

Project by Marilee Bentz Designs, Inc.

If your design style is more on the modern side, then this kitchen may be the inspiration you were looking for. Not only is it sleek and clean with the black cabinetry and sleek kitchen island, but what we’re really in awe over is the red and white mosaic tile! For some, red tile may be too bold, but when incorporating it into a space like this, it brings the room to life and makes it playful and welcoming.

Love Me Not

Project by Skipp Renovations

She loves me, she loves me not… well either way she loves this kitchen, and so do we! From the confetti style terrazzo countertops, to the matte flat panel doors in blush, this kitchen is chic. It’s also a great example of how to still make a smaller kitchen fearless and fun!

Fiery Red

Project by Bakstad Construction

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to red cabinetry or tile in your kitchen, but still want that pop of color? Then colorful appliances are the way to go. In this kitchen they chose a bright cherry red stainless-steel oven. Although the kitchen is mostly white with accents of silver hardware, the addition of the red oven gives it the right touch of color.

Love Is In The Air

Project by Fredman Design Group

Love is in the air and so is our love for a Rustic Farmhouse kitchen. This kitchen truly looks like something straight out of a fairy tale or a romance novel! This designer took inspiration from the surrounding natural elements like the rustic wood beams on the ceiling. Incorporating these natural elements meant choosing colors that complimented, leading to the beautiful rich red cabinetry.

Those Three Special Words

Project by Anthropologie

We’re saying those three special words to this space, “I love you.” Truly though, we do. Incorporating color, especially red and pink, can mean something as simple as painting your walls. In the case of this room, they chose a light, blush pink, a color we can’t get enough of. With the bold furniture, plants, and abstract art, this space feels like a tropical yet modern vacation spot, perfect for a romantic getaway!

That Warm Feeling Inside

Project by _daisycottage

While we’re on the topic of incorporating bold colors through just some simple paint, this little cozy cottage is a perfect example. Something about this deep burgundy red around the beautiful fireplace just really says “home.” With the natural wood elements like the mantle and the open shelving, we’re loving the red accent wall and the warm feeling this space gives off. Just imagine a nice fire and some hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows and lots of cozy blankets.

Wine Wainscoting

Projects by Sherman Williams

Does Valentine’s day mean sitting down with a large glass of Red Wine with your significant other, because that’s what we’re imagining in this beautiful space! Often times the bold paint choice will go above the wainscoting on a wall, but not in this space. Passionate is the name of the color by Sherman Williams, which couldn’t be more fitting, especially for Valentine’s day!

Pretty In Purple

Photo Credit: Southern Living

Would it even be Valentine’s Day inspired without the color purple? From the walls to the ceiling, the color in this room is radiant yet warm. If you’re wondering what this specific color is, it’s called “Brinjal” a deep rich aubergine by Farrow & Ball. When thinking of a bedroom color for your next remodel, this could be the one!

Bed and A Box Of Chocolates

Project by @threeboysandapinkbath

Spending Valentine’s Day in bed with a box of chocolates this year? If so, this couldn’t be a more perfect bedroom to do that in! The walls are painted in what they call a “rusty pink,” but the real pop of color is on the peach-colored ceiling! The different shades and tones of pink in this room are what make it so unique, and not to mention the gorgeous furniture!

Princess Pink

Project by COCOON

We may be biased because we helped our customers design this room, but we absolutely love it! With two little girls, our customers wanted a space where they could grow up, play, and enjoy a bedtime story. This space is fit for a princess but can also evolve and grow as they do. With the light hardwood and blush pink walls, even as adults were gushing over this design.

Express Yourself Through Color

Your home is a space where you can experiment in and express yourself whether that’s with a red oven, or a pink tiled bathroom. No matter what you chose, you can’t go wrong if you love it. Valentine’s Day may be the inspiration behind these colors but there is never a bad day for pink, red, and purple!

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