3 Ways to Create An Inspiration Board for Your Next Remodel

For most people, gone are the days when we would pin magazine clippings and catalog pics to a corkboard or stash them in a manila folder.

Now we use our computers, tablets, or phones to search and sift through the internet for inspiration. This is especially true when we try to reimagine our old kitchen, basement, or bathroom. We want to see what our old room could be. Seeing the potential is the start of a transformation.

But how do you collect all those inspiring images? How do you create a dream board, inspiration board, or vision board? Inquiring homeowners want to know.

Here’s how to use COCOON’s favorite inspirational resources—Houzz, Instagram, and Pinterest—to create inspiration boards and to help you see the potential in your home.

(Here’s just one quick head’s up: If you’re not already on these apps, you need to create an account or sign in with Facebook or Google.)


Since 2008, homeowners have looked to Houzz for inspiration. With millions of searchable home photos from every continent—except Antarctica, of course—Houzz overflows with home ideas. Once you’ve found your favorites, you can even use Houzz to connect with remodeling pros and purchase home goods. But first things first, here’s how to collect all that home eye candy on Houzz.


On the Houzz app, you have the ability to search photos. When you’re browsing on your phone or tablet, tap the photo button on the top left, which you can find on your home screen.

You can view a range of rooms in the most popular photos, or you can filter by room. Once you’ve chosen a room, you can filter by style, size, color, types of materials, and much more.

While these filters help you narrow down the look you want, you can also narrow photos by location and budget. The US is broken up into major metro areas. Budget is only roughly estimated by dollar signs. Designs on dime are $, while splurges are $$$$. Mid-range designs are denoted by $$ or $$$.



You can get caught up admiring the handiwork of architects and designers, but if you want to stop dreaming and start doing, you should start collecting your favorites. To do that, click or tap the Save button on any picture. You can save it to an existing Idea Book or create a new one.



Think of each Idea Book as a folder. Each Idea Book is a collection of images. For smaller projects, like a mudroom, you may just need one folder. For larger projects, like a basement or kitchen, you may want to sort your photos into smaller categories. For example, you can have Idea Books for certain design selections, such as lighting or floors.

Don’t have time for several Idea Books? Don’t worry. Having some ideas, regardless of how many you have or how you organize them, still puts you ahead of the curve once you start your remodeling project.


Once you have ideas, you’ll want to share them with friends and eventually designers, who can help tailor your look. Sharing your Idea Books is easy. From your mobile device, tap the heart icon on the bottom of your screen. Select the Idea Book you want to share and click on the Invite button to enter emails.



While you can’t follow a particular person or business on the Houzz app, you can follow Houzz on Twitter and Facebook , as well as on the Houzz Blog. Houzz provides ideas and advice for a variety of projects with both articles and a Discussions forum on the site. Got a question for professionals or other homeowners? You can ask it directly in their Discussions forum.

Why it’s great: Houzz is dedicated to all things home. When you’re looking for home remodeling inspiration, you won’t get distracted by pictures of cute puppies or workout tips. You can just focus on your home.



According to Hootsuite, 1 billion people use Instagram each month. With that many users, including home remodelers and homeowners, you can find plenty of inspirational images to get your creative juices flowing. (Check out some of COCOON’s favorite Instagrammers.)


From your mobile device you can easily download the Instagram app. On the app, tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your account page. Once you type in your search term, trending posts appear. To narrow it down, you can tap one of the related Hashtags at the top, such as #kitchendesign, or enter a more specific term in the search field.

Phrases and terms preceded with a hashtag are simply called Hashtags. When you click on a Hashtag, you can view the most popular posts that have mentioned that Hashtag.


From the app, click or tap on the bookmark icon to save a post that you like. Saved posts are archived in the saved section of your account.


If you want to do more than just save to your account, you can save a post to a specific collection. From the app, after you have bookmarked a post, you will see a notification to “save to collection.” If you click that notification, you can then create a collection of posts by tapping the + button. As of now, you can only create a collection from the Instagram app, not from the site.



You can follow Hashtags, people, and businesses. To follow a Hashtag, simply click or tap on the Hashtag in search results or in a post. Top posts from that Hashtag appear, and from that screen, you click or tap on the blue Follow button. To follow businesses or people click or tap the blue Follow button next to the account name in a post.

By following Hashtags, people, and businesses related to your remodeling project, you get more relevant content in your Instagram account. More relevant content can save you from having to search and sift through non-relevant posts. Bonus! (Psst! Don’t forget to follow COCOON!)



You can share Instagram favorites on a post-by-post basis. To share public posts from your app, tap on the paper airplane icon below the photo. From there you can choose to send it to one of your Instagram followers, share it on other social media, copy the link, or email it.

Why it’s great: If you’re app-happy and on-the-go often, you’ll love Instagram. Instagram keeps you up-to-speed on all of your Hashtags via email or notifications to your phone.





ince 2010, it has been Pinterest’s mission to help people “find ideas to get inspired.” And they do a good job of it. More than 300 million people use Pinterest each month to check out billions—yes billions—of Pins. Pins are simply links saved from the internet. Of course, these include plenty of home remodeling ideas, so you may want to consider using Pinterest for your digital dream board.

Based on the numbers above, there’s a good chance you’re already on Pinterest. If you’re not, sign up. When you create a Pinterest account, you select topics that interest you. Pinterest then fills your profile page, known as your feed, with Pins based on your favorite topics.


To find inspiration for your next home remodeling project, you can discover new Pins using the search bar or the search icon on the app.



You can save, or in this case Pin, your favorite ideas using the Pinterest app.

To save Pins from the app, simply scroll through suggested Pins. When you find an interesting image click on the save button on that image. Then you choose a Board to save it in.



If you do not have Boards, separate folders in which you file your Pins, Pinterest will prompt you to create one. It even suggests names for your boards! Once you have created a board for your new Pin, click save and you’re done!

Fast and Efficient

Pinning links from the internet on a mobile device, is a multi-step process. Pinning images from within the app is much faster.


Houzz has Idea Books. Instagram has Collections. Pinterest has Boards. They work the same way. They allow you to organize your inspiration by topic. Again, you can make this as simple or as detailed as your project and your personality require. You can create Boards for entire rooms or Boards for detailed design selections. When looking to create a board press the “plus” sign at the bottom of your screen, and select “board.” Just remember that finding inspiration should be fun, whether you simply see the big picture or have an eye for detail.



You can often follow designers, architects, and builders on Pinterest. (We’re on there too!) From your mobile device, you can tap on the Following tab at the top of your feed. From there you can use the search field to find more.

As with Instagram, following new topics and people allows Pinterest to give you more relevant Pins to view. Once again, a great time saver.



Like Houzz, you can share inspiration in bulk with Pinterest. From your app, click on your profile pic and then the Boards button. Then click on the Share button above your Board name. From there, you can choose to share with your Pinterest followers, share on social media, send an email, and more.


Why it’s great: The Pinterest button on your browser lets you Pin from any site. When you’re looking for something specific, such as room inspiration, you don’t always find it. Inspiration often strikes when you least expect it, and Pinterest is great for that. If you happen to come across a room or product you like while perusing the web, you can save it to your Pinterest board ASAP with the Pinterest extension button.

From Dream Board to Dream Home

Whether you choose to save your inspiration to an Idea Book, Pin it to your Board, or save it to a Collection, you have it organized and ready to share when the time comes. All of these ideas give your remodeling team better ideas of how to transform your dream board into your dream home. Contact COCOON to share your ideas today!


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