Benefits of Working With an Interior Designer for Your Home Remodel

One of the most challenging parts of remodeling your home is making decisions. Because short-term decisions have long-term consequences, making many decisions at once can take an emotional toll. That’s where the benefits of working with an interior designer come in.

When you remodel your home with COCOON, your personal Interior Designer will help you make selections and collaborate with your Architectural Designer and Project Manager to ensure a cohesive overall design. Our goal at COCOON is to make you feel uplifted, inspired and joyful in your own home.

Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Home Remodel?

Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Home Remodel?

Put simply — yes!

Because remodeling your home can feel overwhelming, it might seem simpler to skip hiring an interior designer. Why do we need interior design, anyway?

However, interior designers are an integral part of our team at COCOON because they bring so much value to the second stage of our process!

Interior designers don’t simply focus on the style of a room. They bring many technical skills to the table to ensure your new design is safe, functional and executed as planned. An interior designer acts as a guide to help you make the best design decisions possible.

With their expertise, they can significantly increase the efficiency of a remodel by helping to plan, source materials and communicate effectively with team members. Interior designers help to ensure your renovation is completed on time and within budget.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

When you hire an interior designer, you’ve added a highly trained professional to your team. That’s why, at COCOON, interior designers are an integral part of our 3-stage process. Here are five specific ways that an interior designer can benefit your home renovation.

1. They Help You Make Better Decisions

Creating a cohesive design for a home renovation on your own can be extremely overwhelming. With so many color tones, materials and options available, it can be challenging to make decisions with confidence.

When you work with an interior designer, they can help you make better decisions. Interior designers are experts in their field and have gained extensive experience over time. They can help you design a space that you’ll love and enjoy for years.

Instead of spending hours researching and debating your choices, imagine having a pleasant conversation with a professional who guides you through top-quality choices and color palettes. You can quickly find an option you love, and you’ll have professional advice to guide you!

2. Interior Designers Can Save You Stress

Home renovations take an investment of time and finances, and the changes you make will last unless you renovate again. In addition, some renovation materials are better quality than others.

With all these pressures at play, it can be stressful to make design decisions for a home renovation on your own. Working with an interior designer can help to save you stress. You’ll be able to navigate your renovation with more confidence and less worry. An interior designer is worth hiring simply for this reason!

COCOON’s interior designers have experience working with many different families, navigating their style preferences, budgets and concerns with ease. When you work with us, our interior design team is happy to reduce the stress of your home renovation.

3. They Help You Avoid Mistakes

They Help You Avoid Mistakes

Do you love brightly colored kitchen cabinets? Are patterned tile backsplashes a must-have for your new space? What are your preferences for flooring, cabinetry and hardware?

During a home renovation, there are many different decisions you’ll make during the design process. Some homeowners worry that their top choices won’t coordinate well or that they’ll miscalculate how much of a material they need. It’s easy to make mistakes when you don’t have years of experience working in this industry.

That’s another reason why COCOON’s interior designers are such an integral part of our process. During the second stage of our process, our interior designers can help you avoid costly mistakes so your renovation process runs as smoothly as butter spread on toast.

4. Interior Designers Think Long-Term

In addition to improving your daily experience, a remodel can increase the value of your home. Interior designers have a deep understanding of which renovations can add value to your home and also know how to incorporate trends and classic styles.

If you want to ensure your home is functional for years to come, COCOON’s interior designers can work with you to anticipate future needs. For example, you may hope to grow your family over the next few years and worry that you’ll run out of space.

Your interior designer can create space for additional seating in your kitchen and discuss other options to help accommodate your growing family. At COCOON, we love to help families transform their homes into spaces that will deliver value for years to come.

5. They Help Develop Your Style

Although some people already know their optimal design style, others may prefer having help with stylistic decisions. Choosing items you like and creating an integrated design are very different things.

Our interior designers at COCOON can offer suggestions and help you create a space you love. During the second stage of our process, our designers can help you make these decisions so you can have confidence about the outcome of your remodel before you begin the construction process.

We’ll work with you to design a space that achieves your goals with colors, lighting, texture and more. Whether you already have a firm grasp of what you want or are unsure, the talented interior designers at COCOON can come alongside you and refine your vision.

COCOON’s Talented Team of Interior Designers and Craftspeople Can Help Bring Your Vision to Life!

When you hire an interior designer, you make one decision that can save valuable time and reduce stress. Although you’ll still need to make personal decisions about the design and style of your remodel, you won’t have to make them alone.

Interior designers can seriously reduce decision fatigue, making your renovation a more pleasant, efficient and exciting experience. Typically, interior designers do take an additional investment. However, the qualities they bring to your remodel are worth it in the long run.

At COCOON, we’ve built interior design consulting directly into our home remodel services. That means you won’t need to hire a separate designer — we’ll connect you with a professional who can enhance your renovation experience and help guide decisions before any building begins.

Our remodeling services include a 3-stage process — Space Planning, Design Selections and Construction. During this process, you’ll work with our architectural team and interior designers to ensure you’ll love the outcome of your renovation. Contact COCOON today to start your home transformation!

COCOON's Talented Team of Interior Designers and Craftspeople Can Help Bring Your Vision to Life!

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