6 Signs You Need to Consider a Home Remodel

Have you been thinking about remodeling your home? A home renovation is a big project, so it’s natural to want to spend time on the decision. If you’re on the fence about whether you should get started, see if you relate to one or more of these six signs you need a home remodel. 

1. You Need More Space

When your family grows, it might feel like your home is no longer big enough. This is a common experience for families that move in as a couple and become a family as they have kids. While you might feel you have space for babies and toddlers, homes can start to feel cramped when kids get older, bring friends over and need more space for themselves.

That feeling of outgrowing your home comes with two options — a home remodel or a move. Moving can help you get that bigger house, but you might be in love with your home and neighborhood. 

With the right home additions, you can grow your space with your family

2. Your Space Lacks Functionality

Have you noticed that some areas in your home are not working as they should? Maybe your kitchen is short on counter space, making it challenging to prepare dinner for the family. You might feel surrounded by clutter because your home has an impressively low number of closets and limited storage space. These are both examples of a home that doesn’t function properly.

A kitchen lacking counter space can make for an incredible remodel with a massive island for prep space. You might even knock down a wall in your kitchen to carry cabinetry further and create an open floor plan. A lack of storage is an excellent opportunity for an addition. With a mudroom full of built-in storage, you can finally manage all of the clutter.

3. One or Multiple Rooms Feel Outdated

If you have an older home, there’s a good chance one or more rooms are a bit outdated. These rooms might have been stylish when the house was built or when you bought the home. Maybe you purchased your home with the intent of updating it, but these projects quickly fell lower on the priority list as life happens.

You may have an area in your house that is begging for a remodel. With the right team, you can introduce these spaces to the 21st century. 

4. There Are Many Signs of Deterioration

Old homes are often prone to wear and tear. If you’re seeing deterioration in many places, that’s a strong sign you’re ready for a renovation. Bathrooms commonly experience wear because sealing best practices were not as reliable decades ago. As a result, bathrooms in old homes may have significant water damage that can lead to curling tiles and squishy floors. This type of damage needs to be responded to immediately to protect your home’s framing.

Other types of wear include old, splinter-prone hardwood floors, faulty wiring that leads to flickering lights, and uneven rooms caused by sagging in the floor or foundation. 

5. You Have Unused Areas in Your Home

Traditional home designs often include spaces like formal dining rooms and sitting rooms, but these spaces might be completely unused in your home. You deserve a home that fits your lifestyle so you can use every square foot. For example, if your family never eats in the dining room, you have the chance to turn it into something you’ll use every day, like a home office, bar and lounge space, or craft room.

These types of remodels may not require a lot of construction and focus more on the cosmetic side of things. You can replace the flooring, repaint the walls and find the best furniture pieces for the space. In some cases, you might knock down a wall to make a neighboring room bigger or add built-in storage.

6. You Want to Renovate and Have the Budget

Wanting to remodel your home is enough reason to take the leap. Whether you’re missing a certain type of space or you know you can make your home feel more “you,” remodeling can be a great way to get there. The key to taking the leap is making sure you feel prepared financially. The cost of a remodel can vary widely depending on the scale of the project and the room you’re working on.

It’s important to keep in mind that these remodels can also offer a good return on investment when the time comes to sell your home. Updated, move-in ready homes are often big selling points for buyers and get you a much higher price for your property. But remember that these remodels are just as much a financial investment as they are an investment in your family’s happiness.

The Benefits of a Home Remodel

With a remodel or renovation, you can:

  • Get exactly what you want: You can search the market endlessly for a house that checks all your boxes, but they are hard to come by. Rather than looking for a new home that may not offer everything you want, remodeling gives you complete personalization. This design freedom is ideal for those more unique spaces for your lifestyle, like music rooms or workshops. 
  • Skip a big move: You might not be ready to commit to a move for many reasons. You likely love your home and neighborhood and don’t want to leave. Or maybe you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a move. Your remodel makes it possible to stay put and continue to enjoy the perks of your current neighborhood and home.
  • Save on future maintenance: When your house has visible wear and tear, that’s a sign you’ll be due for some costly maintenance in the near future. Remodeling helps you get ahead of disrepair and leaves you feeling more prepared for planned expenses in the future rather than unexpected emergencies. 
  • Increase your home’s value: If you end up selling your home, your remodel will likely lead to a higher resale value. Whether you choose to stay in your home or sell it, your renovation is well worth it. 

Work With a Remodeling Team You Can Trust

Collaborating with a remodeling and renovation team that you trust is key to meeting your unique needs. At COCOON, our 3-stage process gives you the chance to reimagine what your home could be, plus stay connected to the progress at every step. Our team handles the complicated stuff, from permits and blueprints to construction. We will assist you in picking out the details that make your new space feel like yours.

We work throughout the Philadelphia suburbs, and we can’t wait to help you transform your home. Get started with our team today by contacting us.

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