Best Season for a Home Remodel in the Philly Suburbs

When you work with COCOON, every season offers an excellent opportunity to start your home remodel. Our 3-stage process includes space planning, design selections and construction. We typically recommend starting the process at least one season before you want construction to begin — but the sooner, the better!

At COCOON, our team is dedicated to transforming your home on the timeline that works best for your busy schedule.

What Time of Year Is Best for a Home Renovation?

What Time of Year Is Best for a Home Renovation?

At COCOON, you can start your remodel project during any season. That’s because the first two stages in our 3-stage process involve planning and design, both of which can be done year-round from the comfort of the indoors.

We recommend starting sooner rather than later for several reasons. First, you’ll have ample time to talk to our Architectural and Interior Design teams and explore your options during the design stage. It takes time to decide the direction of your remodel.

Once you’ve made those decisions with the help of our experts, we can work with you to find the best time of year for construction. The weather may impact this stage, but family commitments and priorities also play a role.

For example, if you have a vacation planned, you might want construction to occur while you’re away. That way, the bulk of the work can be completed while your family is out of the house and busy elsewhere. With COCOON, you won’t have to worry about missing important updates — our app can give you daily updates about your remodel while you’re away.

The best remodeling season for your home depends on many factors. There’s no hard-and-fast rule you need to follow! The earlier you start with COCOON, the more intentional you can be about planning the construction phase.

Pros and Cons of Remodeling in Each Season

There are several important factors you should consider when deciding the best time to renovate a house in Philly. Here’s a quick seasonal overview so you can find the best timeline for your family!


In Philly, the winter season tends to be cold and snowy. Families are often busy with school, work and holiday plans. However, the predictability of this season lends itself well to remodeling.

Pros of winter Remodels During wintertime, kids are in school and out of the house more often. This can make construction much easier for some families. Another pro for winter construction is that schedules tend to be slower — there are fewer vacations and social events to schedule around.
Cons of Winter remodels If building an addition to your home, you may have to work around snow. However, indoor renovations won’t be affected by cold weather. At COCOON, we love renovating homes during the winter.




In Philly, springtime tends to be rainy as the weather starts to warm up. Spring is the season when you wake up from winter hibernation and get inspired by all the transformation that’s happening around you!

Pros of Spring Remodels Some pros of springtime seasonal renovations include the kids being at school and the season’s placement right before summer. However, if you want construction finished before summer, you should start working with COCOON during the winter.
Cons of Spring Remodels There are some cons to springtime construction as well. Many families are tired after the holiday season and may prefer to schedule construction activities for a more rested time of year. However, that all depends on your family and what works best for you.



During the summertime, kids are at home, families are busy with vacations, and there are often frequent social events planned. Depending on your preferences, summer is also a good time to start or complete a remodel.

Pros of Summer Remodels If you work through the first two stages of COCOON’s process during the summer, you can plan construction activities for the fall season. This coincides well with the beginning of the school year.
Cons of Summer Remodels Summertime construction can be hectic since school’s out. However, some families prefer to tackle multiple goals at once so they can fully slow down later in the year. If you’d like the construction phase to happen during the summer, you should start your process with COCOON in the spring.



Many families want to schedule construction for the fall. If you’re interested in this timeline, you should start working with COCOON in the summer. That way, construction can begin during autumn.

Pros of Fall Remodels Like spring, fall brings a sense of excitement and anticipation. It’s the perfect season to renovate your home, partly because it lines up with the start of school. Regardless of your schedule, however, COCOON will work with you to create an optimal timeline for your family.
Cons of Fall Remodels If you’re planning an especially busy holiday season, you may want to avoid starting a remodel in the fall. The planning and design phase takes time, and you’ll likely be renovating through the winter if you don’t start the process until fall.


COCOON is local to Philly and knows the weather well. We can support your remodeling journey at ANY TIME of the year. If you have questions about scheduling around other plans, we can find the best option together!

Signs It May Be Time for a Remodel

How can you know the best season for home remodels for your family? To decide on the best time to remodel, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your home still functional?
  • Does your home show signs of wear?
  • Are you ready for a change?
  • Have you outgrown your space?
  • How long are you willing to wait?

Although there’s no perfect time for a remodel, some years are better than others. Use this list to decide if now is the right time to invest in a remodel. Consider how it might affect your life, both negatively and positively:

  • Why do you think a remodel would be difficult right now?
  • When will that factor improve?
  • Is there a better way to solve your problem than a remodel?
  • What’s the worst that can happen with a remodel?
  • What’s the best thing that can happen?

If you’ve never done a remodel before, the process can feel intimidating and overwhelming. However, with the right remodeling team, this process can be smooth, organized and completed on schedule. Choosing the best season for home renovations will also help your remodel run smoothly.

Choose COCOON for Your Next Home Remodel

When you work with COCOON on a remodel, you’ll experience the best service and results. We take you through a 3-stage process that includes space planning, design selections and construction.

During Stage 1, we’ll offer multiple layout options that fit different price points. Stage 2 ensures you love every detail of your design, from the paint color to the cabinetry. Finally, we’ll handle the construction logistics during Stage 3, so you don’t have to.

Our hands-on approach is designed to give you incredible results so you can transform your home into the space you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out — the best time to remodel your home is always now.

Reach out to COCOON today to get started on your home transformation!

Choose COCOON for Your Next Home Remodel

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