2024 Home Remodeling Design Trends

Every year, Pantone releases an annual color — and just like that, paint color, fashion and interior design trends change. Only three months into 2024, we’ve seen fun, fresh changes that are inspiring homeowners to create spaces that reflect their personalities and nurture their sense of home. 

Here’s what our real designers are seeing in real homes so far in 2024. Keep reading to discover your favorite 2024 home trends! Which ones will you incorporate into your Philly suburb space? With our 3-stage process, COCOON can bring your vision to life. 

1. Keep It Cozy With Earth Tones

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Brown paint is going to be one of the most popular interior design trends this year. When added to a space, it makes rooms feel warm, cozy and peaceful. In addition to brown paint tones, you’ll likely see warm-toned furniture, flooring, rugs and drapes. 

Warm earth tones are often paired with lighter elements like granite to balance out the color palate. However, some people love brown so much that they’ll paint everything the same color. Keep reading to hear more about that tip — see #10 below on color drenching.

2. Playful Accents Make Life More Fun

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Not all home design trends need to be monochrome. One of the best ways to add personality to a space is with fun details like patterned wallpaper, unique tile and wooden accents. It’s up to you whether these choices provide contrast or blend into a harmonious whole. 

In the example above, this unique fox and floral wallpaper adds color and interest to an otherwise traditional bathroom space. It balances the warmth of the wood paneling and keeps the white tile from making the room feel sterile. This unique detail is something the homeowner can wake up every day to enjoy. 

3. Natural Wood: The Sequel

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Remember when everyone was choosing yellow wood tones for their kitchen and hardwood floors? Then the balance shifted to gray tones with a blue undertone — the exact opposite color palette as before!

No more of that nonsense — homeowners have been giving preference to mid-tones for a while now, partly for their natural finish and their classic staying power. Natural wooden cabinets will be front and center this year, and they’ll continue to look stylish and updated for years, regardless of how the pendulum swings next time. 

4. You Gotta Have Arches

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Arched shapes will also continue to be a trend in home remodeling in 2024. Rounded shapes are organic and make a space feel comfortable. Examples of arches in home decor include: 

  • Arched doorways.
  • Painted arches.
  • Arched furniture.
  • Arch-shaped mirrors.
  • Arched built-ins.

However you choose to incorporate arches into your home, they’re sure to elevate your space this year. They tie into the cozy, natural feel that’s so popular right now. If you’ve always loved arches, now is the time to add them to your space. 

5. What Does Your Lighting Say About You?

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It’s easy to forget the value of lighting in your space. The quality of light in a room determines how much energy you have, what activities you enjoy doing and even how you feel throughout the day. That’s one reason why natural light is so important in your home. 

Since lighting is important anyway — why not dress it up? You can express your personality through statement lighting and fancy pieces that draw attention and make each room your own. Statement lighting is extremely popular right now and can add a lot to your home. 

6. Bring Texture With Tile

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Handmade, neutral tile is on the rise — watch out this year for textured tile in bathrooms and kitchens. When the color of the tile isn’t the focus, its texture has an opportunity to shine in your home. 

Textured tile comes in various materials and can make your home feel more grounded and connected to nature. The slightly uneven shapes and finish of handmade tiles will make your spaces feel like they have history and they’re built to stay. 

7. Create Extra Storage With a Butler Pantry

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One of the most challenging parts of a home to keep organized is the kitchen. This is a space you use frequently but still want to look pristine — and a butler’s pantry can go a long way toward achieving this mission.

Adding a butler’s pantry to your home means you have additional storage and prep space. When guests arrive, you can simply close the door and hide any unwashed dishes, disorganized ingredients or the next course from view until it’s time to whisk it onto the table.

8. Add a Garage…to Your Kitchen 

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You might have heard designers mention “modern appliance garages.” This term doesn’t mean putting your appliances into your garage — although that might give you more space in your kitchen! 

An appliance garage is a cabinet front that covers up your appliances and the counter they’re sitting on. When the cabinet front is down, your appliances blend seamlessly into the larger set of cabinets, so your kitchen always looks clean and organized. 

9. Turn Your Tiles 180 Degrees 

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Tile does so much for a space — it offers texture, color and style, all with one beautiful update. There’s something incredibly soothing about looking at a well-tiled wall or a decorative tile floor. Another tile trend for 2024 is turning tiles vertically rather than horizontally.

You’ll see this trend in showers, bathroom backsplashes and kitchens. Another extension of this trend is vertical reeding lining the back wall of cabinets, especially built-ins. The upward direction adds height and textural interest wherever you place it.

10. Drench the Walls in Color

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Color drenching is another popular interior home design trend right now. It involves painting a space in a single, solid color so that rooms feel cozy and warm and offer a fully immersive experience. There are a few techniques that make color drenching most effective. 

Many homeowners who embrace color drenching paint their ceilings to match the walls. The trim and doors in the room are typically painted the same color as well. If you’re really excited about celebrating a certain color, you can even match the furniture and decor. 

Choose COCOON for Your Next Home Remodel

At COCOON, we help you reimagine your home so it can grow with you. Additions, basement remodeling, kitchen updates — we can support your remodeling journey from the planning to construction phases. 

Our unique 3-stage process ensures the final result fits your budget and fulfills your dreams of a cozy and functional home. When you work with us, you’ll have access to an architectural design team, interior designers and our construction management services. 

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